Be a Part of the Legend

Membership Certificate

Camelot is unique in the Ottawa private club market, offering a Membership Certificate ‘equity’ concept as opposed to the initiation model that is the basis for all other private clubs in the region. The membership certificate model has some very specific advantages that the others do not provide. Our structure allows you to sell/transfer your certificate when you no longer wish to be an active member.

  • Membership Certificates provides an ownership stake in the club
  • One Membership Certificate = one vote
  • Unlike initiation fees at other clubs, a certificate allows you to sell it in the future at a price determined by you
  • Certificates are transferable to your spouse or immediate family for 10% of the certificate price
  • Certificates can be bought by an individual OR a corporation
  • Once you purchase a certificate, your spouse can play with you without needing a second certificate
  • Your certificate can be ‘designated’ to another member for up to 3 years
  • There is a limit of 500 certificates, such that access to the tee is guaranteed for our members 

For more information on our available Membership Certificates and pricing, please contact our General Manager/COO Greg Richardson via email at  or call 613-833-0801 x 222.  He will happily discuss with you further and answer any question you may have.