Introductory Limited-Plus

Available only to those who have been an Introductory Limited Member, or have never been an adult member of Camelot, this is a one-year offering without the requirement of purchasing a membership certificate. This membership provides an opportunity for an intermediary step between Introductory Limited and Regular Membership for those who want to golf more regularly, but are still uncertain about making a commitment.

Like the Introductory Limited membership, it is classified as a non-equity and non-voting membership, but unlike Introductory Limited membership, the number of golf rounds included is expanded to 35 per year (One tee-time=1 round). The only time restriction is Wednesday afternoon from 12pm-5pm, and Members in this classification are not eligible for club championships or intersectional qualifying. However the membership does provide unlimited access to our practice facilities and clubhouse.

The dues for Introductory Limited-Plus are $2950+HST, plus a food & beverage minimum of $500. But these dues include our golf services package (locker, club storage & cleaning and shoe cleaning) which are normally included in Regular membership, but were an additional fee for Introductory Limited Members.

Membership Features

  • Exceptional access to Eastern Ontario's top ranked golf course (SCOREGolf 2016)
  • Use of a majestic Clubhouse, with a multi-level patio overlooking both the finishing holes of the golf course, and the Ottawa River.
  • Unlimited use of an expansive, state of the art practice facility.
  • Complimentary amenities including tees and pull carts.
  • Participation in club events (counts as 1 round), exclusive of club championships and intersectional qualifying.
  • On-line tee-time booking.
  • Concierge service providing for access to select private Clubs throughout Canada.

To register for this membership, please fill out the application form and return Greg Richardson at  

Application Form

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