Introductory Limited

This membership option is for new golfers to Camelot, the Introductory Limited membership. Available only to those who have never been an adult member of Camelot, it is a one-year offering without the requirement of purchasing a membership certificate. In keeping with the trends of today’s busy lifestyles, this classification was created with two core components: affordability and flexibility.

The Introductory Limited membership is non-equity and non-voting, but unlike our standard Introductory membership, limits your golf rounds to 25 per year.  The only time restriction is Wednesday afternoon from 12pm-5pm, and members in this classification are not eligible for club championships or intersectional qualifying. However the membership does provide unlimited access to our practice facilities and clubhouse.

As noted, the fee to join is very attractive, at $2000+HST, plus a reduced minimum of $300.

Membership Features

To register for this membership, please fill out the application form and return Greg Richardson at  

Application Form

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