Young Adult Flex

Young Adult Flex Membership


This category is intended to attract and retain Members in their 30’s, many of whom are facing increased time pressures that make a full membership unrealistic. This is a time when they may be establishing themselves in their career, may have just purchased their first home and may be raising young children whose activities demand the attention of both parents. However they may still want to carve out time for themselves when they can, and this category provides flexibility such that they can still be part of a premium club, but do so without a large upfront commitment that predicates on their ability to predict how much they will play months in advance.

Membership Features:

Membership Fees:

The pricing would be a flat rate of 40% of Regular Membership fees (equivalent to Young Adult Level 2) plus a usage charge of $25+HST per tee-time, billed monthly onto the Members’ account. There would be a minimum F&B requirement of $500, hole-in-one fees would apply and capital improvement fees would only apply to Members holding a certificate.

2019 Fee Structure

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