Members' Code of Conduct

Camelot Golf & Country Club (the “Club”) was created for the private use of its Members and their guests. With the right of membership comes the responsibility to respect fellow Members, guests, employees, and contractors working on the Club’s behalf.


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to formally document the Clubs’ expected behaviours of our Members and their guests, and to establish a clear process for the resolution of Code violations. The Code applies to in-person as well as online interactions. It further applies to interactions outside the Club property, where a Member is representing the Club such as use of our reciprocal program, or representation of the Club at a golf event, meeting, or similar gathering.

Code of Conduct:

The Board of Governors shall set all policies and the Management of the Club shall be responsible for applying the standards pertaining to the conduct of Members, their guests, Club employees, and contractors.  A principal element of the Code of Conduct is respect. Members and their guests are expected to:


Failure to meet these expectations may result in disciplinary action that could include loss of privileges, suspension of membership or expulsion from the Club, as authorized in the By-laws (section 4.7).  Such discipline would be addressed per the terms of the Board approved disciplinary process.