Exceptional golf. Unforgettable experiences. Camaraderie between friends. That’s Camelot—a golf experience that’s truly legendary.

With a Top 100 golf course designed by Thomas McBroom, Camelot has hosted some of Canada’s top championships. But the club is more than just great golf events—at its core is a golf course built on spectacular ground, where no two shots are the same.

Instantly memorable, breathtakingly beautiful, and incredibly fun—that’s Camelot. Our award-winning golf course is at the core of our club, but Camelot has more to offer. From a world-class practice facility to elegant dining overlooking the course, Camelot is a place where you’ll want to grab a game with friends, and enjoy time afterwards with a drink or meal.

Since its inception in 1991, our club has prided itself as a place to meet new friends, share in sport, and create lasting memories. When you come to Camelot, a mere 15 minutes east from downtown Ottawa, you’ll make your way up our meandering driveway to a castle perched atop a hill—a sign you’ve left ordinary behind. Named after an adventurous legend of old, each day at Camelot serves as an opportunity to undertake your next great adventure.

“I loved the course. So many different looking holes and elevation changes, which made it fun. Camelot is a neat club with really friendly staff and members. And I really enjoyed my experience, but I’m a little biased because I was able to defend that week.”

— 2012 Canadian Amateur Champion at Camelot, and PGA Tour winner, Mackenzie Hughes


to Own, to Enjoy and to Respect.


Exceptional golf. Unforgettable experiences. Camaraderie between friends.


Picturesque surroundings. Personalized service. Memories to last a lifetime.


Incredible tee shots. Great land. And a course that is never the same twice.