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Communications & Member Services


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Head Golf Professional


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Guest Information

Dress Code

Every Member, including Junior Members, should be fully conversant with and comply with the rules of dress on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Members who are not in compliance with the rules of dress will be asked to change into dress more appropriate or, failing to do so, to leave the Club premises. Members are responsible for their guests, and the Member will be approached should their guest’s dress not be in compliance.

Camelot recognizes that children’s clothing trends often vary from adults; therefore children attending Club functions and pre-junior children will be shown some leniency provided their attire is in good taste. Parents or sponsors are responsible for ensuring that children’s attire adheres to this Dress Code.

Prohibited Dress

Rugby or cargo pants and shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, muscle shirts, short shorts, track suits, t-shirts, sweat suits, and any kind of spandex outfit or tights are not permitted anywhere on Club property. While golf hats or caps are permitted in certain areas, they shall be worn with the peak facing forward at all times. Outside of specific Board approval, the sole exception to these prohibitions will be where the Member or guest is directly accessing the locker rooms to change into appropriate attire.

Golf Course

Shoes with metal or ceramic penetrating spikes are prohibited on the golf course or the practice facilities. Jeans (including designer jeans) and denim (including shirts, vests, dresses and jackets) are prohibited

Gentlemen: Men’s shirts shall have a collar, a turtleneck or mock turtleneck, sleeves (short or long) and must remain tucked inside slacks or shorts at all times.

Ladies: Women’s shirts shall have either a collar or sleeves. Shirts designed to be worn over slacks/shorts/skirts/skorts are permitted providing they have a finished bottom and fall 2″ to 4″ below the waist. Bare midriffs, tank tops and long untucked shirts are not permitted.


Golf hats or caps may not be worn in the dining areas except on the patio and the upper balcony. However fashionable hats will be permitted, excluding any type of baseball or golf hat. Wherever a hat is permitted on the property, it must be worn with the peak facing forward. Men’s shirts designed to be worn outside the waistband are acceptable. Other fashions appropriate to the occasion are also acceptable.

While jeans and denim are allowed in the Clubhouse, they must be appropriate and not be ripped, tattered, stained or worn.

After 6:00 pm, smart casual shall be the appropriate dress in the Great Hall / Dining Room and golf shoes shall not be permitted. Dress code for special events will be indicated on the announcement for such events.

Latest Effective Date: September 2020

Course Rules

Playing Rules: The rules governing play at Camelot are those issued by the Royal Canadian Golf Association and local rules issued by the Club’s Playing Committee.

Starting Time and Tee-Off Procedures: Play on the course shall commence from the first and the tenth tee only. Commencing play from the tenth tee will only be permitted when authorized by the Starter or the Golf Shop.

Course Care:
• Divots should be carefully replaced and pressed down
• Ball marks on greens must be repaired
• Players must smooth out the sand in the bunkers after playing out of them
• Rakes are to be placed outside the bunkers after use

Cart Rules: Electric carts must conform to the directional signs on the course. Pull carts must not be pulled onto tees or greens. They should never be pulled between green side bunkers and greens, and must stay off aprons at all times. PULL CARTS AND ELECTRIC CARTS MUST NOT BE TAKEN INTO THE FESCUE. Drive on the cart paths as often as possible.

Pace of Play: A maximum of four hours and 15 minutes for 18 holes is an acceptable rate of play. In the interest of all, players should play without delay. If a group loses one clear hole and has been requested to re-establish their position and increase their pace on two occasions, they will be directed to pick up and move to the appropriate position behind the preceding group. Players looking for a lost ball should at once signal to those following to play through and having given such a signal, stand aside and wait until these players have passed and are safely out of range.


A limited number of seasonal positions are available each year for qualified candidates. You must be 15 years of age to apply for a position, with the exception of servers and beverage cart attendants who must be 18.

To apply please email your resume to the appropriate department manager as per the list above.

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