Privacy Policy

Our goals and commitment to you:

This website is maintained by Camelot Golf & Country Club to provide Club information to members and guests of the Club. Your privacy is important to the Club and this policy is our commitment to the protection of your privacy and any personal information you disclose to us.

Collection and use of personal information:

We collect personal information such as name, address, contact information, date of birth, occupation, membership status, usage statistics, and other information pertaining to your enjoyment of the Club’s facilities. Contact information is displayed on the Club website at the option of individual members. Information maintained by the Club is used for billing and promotional purposes and to help members contact members from time to time regarding Club activities that may be of interest.

Safeguards and Security:

The Club makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and propriety of the information displayed on this website. However, members are cautioned to independently verify any information displayed before relying on this information. Portions of this website are maintained independently by a third party authorized to do so by the Club.

Access to portions of the website are controlled by an access code and password. This control allows the Club to identify the user on the website in surveys, discussion groups, and to otherwise control the user’s website access. These groups categorize website interests for internal marketing purposes. Personal contact information displayed on this website is protected and for Club use only.

Concerns or inquires regarding this Policy should be directed to the Club’s General Manager/Chief Operating Officer: grichardson@camelotgolf.ca